Terms & Conditions


Loan Application

The loan application on this website is an initial application. Victory Finance will require additional information from borrower before any loans can be approved or denied. Social Security Card of all borrowers and co-signers if any is required for verification on all loans. Applicant acknowledges that all information given to Victory Finance LLC in any loan application is current and true. Any member of the United States armed forces must declare such information at time of application.


All borrowers must have an active checking account to secure a loan, unless specifically agreed to Victory Finance LLC’s collection department. Direct Express cards will also be accepted as a form of banking. If applying for a loan with only a savings account, that account must allow merchants to initiate ACH drafts.

Proof of Income

Victory Finance LLC must be able to verify income. Three to six months of check stubs as well as verbal employment verification from employers human resource department or its equivalent are required to secure a loan with Victory Finance LLC.